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absoluteBLACK Oval Direct Mount Chainring for SRAM 3-Bolt 3mm Offset

absoluteBLACK Oval Direct Mount Chainring for SRAM 3-Bolt 3mm Offset
  • Color: Black
  • Color: Gold
  • Color: Red
  • Color: Orange
  • Color: Purple
  • Color: Titanium
  • Color: PVD Rainbow
$83.99 - $139.99
Color: Black
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absoluteBLACK Oval Direct Mount 1x Chainrings for SRAM greatly improve traction and climbing abilities. They are designed for SRAM cranks that have a 3-bolt direct mount interface and removable spider. Direct mount chainrings provide significant weight savings over a standard spider and chainring combination. They are crafted from CNC machined 7075 aluminum and feature an anodized finish for exceptional durability. Ovality has been optimized for each chainring size, ranging from 10.2-14.4%, with timing of 110.5-116.3° after TDC (top dead center).

- Oval shape reduces stress on knees, helps to keep your legs fresh, and does not feel any different while riding
- The unique, patent-pending narrow-wide tooth profile keeps the chain in place
- Teeth have been 3D-machined for ultimate mud shedding and quieter operation
- Provides excellent weight-to-strength ratio
- 3mm offset is designed for 141/148 Boost spacing on standard DUB/GXP/Long Spindle BB30, as well as 157 Super Boost spacing on dedicated Super Boost DUB cranks
- Designed for GXP, DUB, and long-spindle BB30 cranks

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Black / 28T 5110846000227 SROVBOOST28BK ABS84702295K
Black / 30T 5110846000234 SROVBOOST30BK
Black / 32T 5110846000241 SROVBOOST32BK ABS84509592K
Black / 34T 5110846000258 SROVBOOST34BK ABS84463982K
Black / 36T 5110846002627 SROVBOOST36BK ABS84929930K
Gold / 28T 5110846002641 SROVBOOST28GL ABS83916692D
Gold / 30T 5110846002658 SROVBOOST30GL ABS83921256D
Gold / 32T 5110846002665 SROVBOOST32GL ABS83591870D
Gold / 34T 5110846002672 SROVBOOST34GL ABS83191430D
Gold / 36T 5110846002689 SROVBOOST36GL ABS83933604D
Orange / 28T 5110846004799 SROVBOOST28OR ABS85899815E
Orange / 30T 5110846004805 SROVBOOST30OR ABS85795541E
Orange / 32T 5110846004812 SROVBOOST32OR ABS85355471E
Orange / 34T 5110846004829 SROVBOOST34OR ABS85518789E
Purple / 28T 5110846004744 SROVBOOST28PU ABS85279502E
Purple / 30T 5110846004751 SROVBOOST30PU ABS85632338E
Purple / 32T 5110846004768 SROVBOOST32PU ABS85916333E
Purple / 34T 5110846004775 SROVBOOST34PU ABS85902179E
PVD Rainbow / 28T 5110846004850 SROVBST/28RB ABS89602594W
PVD Rainbow / 30T 5110846004867 SROVBST/30RB ABS89827717W
PVD Rainbow / 32T 5110846004874 SROVBST/32RB ABS89979727W
PVD Rainbow / 34T 05110846004881 SROVBST/34RB ABS89657328W
PVD Rainbow / 36T 5110846004898 SROVBST/36RB ABS89450688W
Red / 28T 5110846000265 SROVBOOST28RD ABS82584524D
Red / 30T 5110846000272 SROVBOOST30RD ABS82674931D
Red / 32T 5110846000289 SROVBOOST32RD ABS82790296D
Red / 34T 5110846000296 SROVBOOST34RD ABS82729699D
Titanium / 28T 5110846004393 SROVBOOST28TI ABS8713279M
Titanium / 30T 5110846004409 SROVBOOST30TI ABS87239235M
Titanium / 32T 5110846004416 OVA38794888I
Titanium / 34T 5110846004423 SROVBOOST34TI OVA38580617I
Titanium / 36T 5110846004430 SROVBOOST36TI ABS87991055M