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Road Bike Guide

Fast. Lightweight. Fun.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” (John F. Kennedy)

Whatever your motivation is to get on a bike, there is a road bike tailored to your needs as well as a community of riders that shares your interests. Explore local roads or plan a cycling trip through scenic landscapes. You can pin on a number and line up for race or criterium or simply ride to escape the hectic demands of daily life. All anyone needs is the right road bike. Learn more about popular categories of road bikes and visit our shop to learn more about bike selection, proper bike fit, and the accessories you will need to head out on adventures.

2 men riding road bikes on an uphill section of road

Performance Road Bikes

If sleek and fast is your style, a performance-oriented road bike will keep you in a low, powerful position, out of the wind, and ahead of the pack. Road bikes are designed for speed and efficiency. We have several different styles from which to choose ranging from aero bikes to endurance bikes, and finally lightweight race bikes. The prices range widely also from affordable aluminum models to world class carbon fiber bikes that are all ready for you to test ride!

a man and a woman riding gravel bikes on a country road

Gravel Bikes

Are you partial to exploring the roads less traveled? Does a perfect weekend ride involve rolling down dirt and gravel roads? If the answer is yes, then you want to consider a gravel bike. Gravel bikes are designed for longer rides and generally accept wider tires than a road bike which improves traction and comfort on less-than-pristine surfaces. Gravel bikes are extremely versatile. Often cyclists will have two wheel-sets, one for gravel and the other for riding smoother, paved surfaces.

2 women riding touring bikes with pannier bags and handlebar bags in an urban setting.

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are specifically built to handle multiple types of terrains from smooth pavement to dusty trails.  Tour bike geometry is slightly more relaxed than a standard road bike which helps to enhance comfort during those the long hours in the saddle synonymous with travelling long distances.

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