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Commuter Bike Guide

Get Around Town. Enjoy Your Commute.

There are many benefits to going by bike - it's great for your body & your mind, and it's also great for the environment! The right bike and commuting gear will make commuting to the office, running to the grocery store, and anywhere else you want to go, be easy and rewarding. Build muscles, reduce stress, and do something nice for the community and the world by riding your bike more often.

woman riding a drop bar bike with a basket on the front in an urban setting

Versatile City Bikes

Multi-speed commuter bikes offer you the flexibility to stop for groceries after work and to explore rural roads on the weekend. Having gears takes the burn out of hills while allowing you to maintain speed on flat sections. Add racks, fenders, and trailers to expand your carrying capacity.

women riding a hybrid bike with panniers in an urban setting

Electric Commuter Bikes

Commuter e-bikes are built for riders and commuters who want a smart solution for getting around town every day. The advantages are numerous. No more wasting time sitting in traffic, searching for parking spots, or waiting in line at the gas station. Charge up and head out. 

man riding a single speed bike with a basket on the front in a downtown setting.

Classic Singlespeed Bikes

With fewer moving parts to maintain, a singlespeed is a great option if reliability is your top priority. Singlespeeds are also awesome training bikes, as you need to power through whatever your commute throws at you with a single gear. You'll certainly gain the admiration of fellow commuters.

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