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Mountain Bike Guide

For the Love of Dirt

Are you seeking adventure, a break in your cycling routine, or a challenging workout? There’s a mountain bike that’s perfect for any and all of that! We have an excellent selection of mountain bikes that are ideally suited for our local bike trails. Our friendly team of cycling enthusiasts are on hand to answer all of your MTB questions.

women riding a mountain bike

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes with front suspension only are called Hardtails. Hardtails are great all-around off-road vehicles. Their simple design makes them a great choice for riding trials, climbing hills, grinding gravel and pavement, as well as venturing out for some light bikepacking. Quite simply, Hardtails can do it all. 

women riding a full suspension mountain bike down rock steps

Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes with suspension in both the front fork and the rear are called Full-Suspension or Full Squish. Having both front and rear suspension helps keep both wheels in contact with the trail which provides better traction and control. Traction and control are super important when hitting some of those sketchier trails.

Man riding a mountain bike thru the trees

27.5" and 29er Mountain Bikes Wheels

Back in the day, standard wheel size for mountain bikes was 26”. In 1999, mountain bikes started showing up with 29” wheels. 27.5” wheels were introduced around 2007 to bridge the gap between the 26” and 29” wheels. Many companies offer extra-small bikes with the 27.5” wheels and a choice between 27.5” and 29” for their small mountain bikes. Some companies offer a “mullet” option in which the front wheel is larger than the rear.

The larger wheel diameters offer big benefits to riders. They tend to roll faster resulting in greater momentum. They also offer better stability and improved traction.

woman riding a fat tire bike in the snowy woods

Fat Bikes

Arguably the most fun bikes out there, fat bikes have nice, thick tires that allow you to tear through snow, sand, and any other sloppy conditions that you can find. If you’re looking for traction and control, you want a fat bike.

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