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Cruiser Bike Guide

Relax and Enjoy the Ride

Cruiser bikes make getting anywhere a blast. As the name implies, these bikes are designed for comfort. The geometry of the frame keeps the body in an upright position while riding. This keeps weight off the wrists and allows for the seat to be set at a height that allows the rider to easily place both feet on the ground. It is such a confidence booster for the rider to know that they can safely come to a stop while still having the comfort and efficiency of the correct seat height.

Cruiser bikes are stable, easy to ride bikes that are perfect for casual riding at low to moderate speeds. They are great for casual bike rides around town to grab coffee or on paved paths for a fun ride. Usually, these types of rides have less of an emphasis on getting a workout and more on leisurely riding for fun and rolling out for short trips & errands by bike with ease.

woman on a green cruiser bike wearing a dress and rainboots

Shift Your Perspective

Cruiser bikes come in a variety of gearing options. Single gear bikes feature a simple design and are perfect for those who want to focus on the joy of riding. These bikes are lightweight and require minimal maintenance.

Bikes with multiple gears deliver superior climbing ability making it easier to ride in hilly terrain. The number of gears can range from 3 all the way up to 21, depending on the model. The gears are usually designed to be easy to use and are a great option for beginners. 

Having multiple gears provide the rider with more control over their speed which is extremely useful when tacking hills or challenging terrain. These multi-gear bikes offer the classic look of a cruiser bike with the added benefit of more speed and power. Gears provide the rider with more control over their ride which results in a more comfortable, enjoyable outing.

women straddling a green cruiser bike demonstrating the brake levers on the handlebars

Give Yourself a Brake

Cruiser bikes come with three braking options: traditional coaster brakes, rim brakes, and the new standard - disc brakes. Each has different levels of stopping power and ease of use. Most cruisers feature a coaster brake as they are simple to maintain and easy to use.

A coaster brake, also referred to as a back pedal brake or foot brake, has a coaster brake hub that allows you to brake by pedaling backwards. Bikes with coaster brakes tend to be less expensive, lighter, and have fewer parts that can break. However, coaster brakes do not provide the same level of control as hand brakes.

Hand brakes allow modulation between the front and rear wheel brakes, increasing control. They are also a safer form of braking when traversing steep hills. The two types of hand brakes are rim brakes and disc brakes. While rim brakes are often less expensive and lighter weight, they also tend to require more frequent maintenance and are less efficient braking in wet conditions. In contrast, disc brakes, while higher in price and a little heavier, require less frequent maintenance and provide a much higher level of braking performance in all conditions.

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picture of a wicker basket attached to the handebars of a cruiser bike


Make your ride uniquely yours. Choose from the stylish to the practical - there's gear available for every type of cyclist. Some of the best cruiser accessories include baskets, saddles, bells, and handlebar grips. The options are as endless as your imagination.