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Off Road Trail Maps

Trail Name



Slaughter Pen Hollow18Superb single track that will please any veteran or novice mountain biker.  Featuring log rides, ladder berms, and wood features sprinkled throughout the trail.  Head to the jump park for a slalom track, dirt jumps, wall rides, and trials course.MapMap
Blowing Springs4IMBA approved trail for all skills levels. Mostly smooth with moderate climbing and a few technical spots.MapMap
Lake Fayetteville6Multi-use trails encircling Lake Fayetteville suitable for all skills levels. Mostly smooth with a few technical spots and very little climbing.MapMap
Hobbs State Park24Smooth, non technical trail with flow and speed that travels through the Ozarks just off Beaver Lake.MapMap
Devil's Den State Park15Variable terrain including rocky, technical and long climbs.  There are rocks and roots to navigate. Also features excellent camping and day hiking.MapMap
Lake Leatherwood15Beginners trails around the lake and intermediate/advanced trails on the two outer loops. There are short steep technical climbs and descents, fast flowing dirt singletrack, long switchback climbs, and cool bench cuts through some great scenery.
Lake Wedington8Single track trail.  Not too technical, but a fast, flowy ride through the woods.WebMap
Lincoln Lake City Park8Two out and back trails with loops at the end of each. These trails are well marked, rocky, technical, and can be muddy.Web
The Back 4040Single track trail system weaving thru ridges and valleys featuring grinding climbs and fast descents. Multi-use trail.

Oakridge 3Multi-use loop trail accessible to all skills levels featuring creek crossings, dirt roads, open meadows, long downhills and taxing uphills.  WebMap
Huckleberry Mountain Horse Trail34Originally designed for horseback riding but now a multi-use trail.  Several trails loops that vary from easy to strenuous. Huckleberry Mountain Trail is 18.8 miles and Apple Loop Trail is 12.2 miles. An easy, relatively level loop trail great for shorter rides is Bell Springs Loop at 6.6 miles. WebMap
Mount Nebo State Park2525 mile Monument Trail System has something for all skills levels with spectacular views, waterfalls, pine forests, winding rock gardens, and gravity.  WebMap
Womble Trail38IMBA epic!  Multi-use trail composed of loose rock with occasional areas of hard-packed dirt.  There's a little bit of everything - from mostly flat terrain to rugged, mountain terrain. There's even some ridge riding and some areas with steep drop offs to one side.  WebMap
Daisy State Park3232 miles of rugged ATV and Motorcycle trails suitable for the mountain bike enthusiast that enjoys a challenging ride. There are some very steep sections requiring hike-a-bike on the ascents and descents.  Access the trails right out of the Daisy State Park. WebMap
White Oak Lake10Several multi-use trails. Several shorter trails ranging from .4 - 3 miles. 8 mile Fern Hollow Trail is a lightly trafficked loop rated as moderate. 
Thunder Chicken2.5

One of our region’s newest trails is Thunder Chicken in Springdale, Arkansas. It is expected that additional mileage will be added to the area over the next several months. All flow, all jumps, all drops, big jumps (at bottom), wallrides.

Mount Kessler7Located on the southwest edge of Fayetteville in Washington County, Kessler Mountain reaches 1,856 feet above sea level. The area consists of steep bluffs and rock-covered woodlands with miles of nature trails that traverse through stands of old-growth forest, rock outcroppings and many native flora and fauna species. WebMap

For the Love of Dirt

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