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Paved & Soft Trails

NameTypeMilesDescription Map Area
Razorback GreenwayPaved trail
35The Razorback Greenway will soon be a dedicated bike path connecting Fayetteville to Bella Vista.  Completion date is expected to be early 2015.
Mudd Creek TrailPaved trail
2.15Paved trail in Fayetteville that runs East/West.  Our Fayetteville store is located directly off this path.MapMap
Scull Creek TrailPaved trail
4Paved trail in Fayetteville that runs North/South and runs into the Mudd Creek Trail on the north side.  This path will take you all the way south through campus.MapMap
Lake Fayetteville (paved)Paved trail
7Paved path that circles Lake Fayetteville.  Windy, some hills and frequented by joggers, strollers, and runners.MapMap


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