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Keep Your Ride Fresh

Take Care of Your Bike with Winter Service

'Tis the season when weather is a little less predictable and your favorite ride may have a little downtime on it's wheels. Now is the prefect opportunity to take care of some basic maintenance. Whether you do it yourself or use our highly skilled technicians, Phat Tire has what you need. Get your ride ready for the warmer months. They will be here sooner than you think. Shop our selection of service supplies or bring your bike to one of our shops for a spa day. Let us help you get your bike ready for your next big adventure!

In Shop Service

Allow our highly trained, professional service technicians to check out your ride.  Our technicians will provide you with an accurate assessment of the service level required to get your bike ready for the new season.  

Shop Bike Lubes & Cleaners

Shop Bike Tools & Workstands

Bring Your Bike to Us

Our friendly technicians are here to help with everything from minor repairs to major overhauls.