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Rent a Bike and Roll Out on an Adventure

Have you ever considered renting a bike? It’s easier than renting a car and a bike can take you on as many adventures as you can imagine. Renting a bike is convenient and flexible. You can rent a bike for exactly as long as you wish. Experience the freedom of renting several types of bikes to explore unique places on different days. Set off to discover mountain trails or ramble back road gravel. Travel for miles on paved roads or “stroll” on the greenways enjoying the sights. Any way you slice it, exploring by bike gives you a deeper connection to your surroundings. Renting a bike is freedom.

Venture Off the Beaten Path

Discover areas that may be inaccessible by car. Check out the narrow alleyways, scenic bike paths, and country trails where no car can travel. Discover hidden gems that can only be found on two wheels.

Increase Connection to Your Location

Not only does riding a bike allow you to explore the great outdoors and connect to nature, but also allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture. Going by bike enables you to easily experience the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings. Cycling provides more opportunities to interact with the local people and to find those small shops and cafes in out-of-the-way places that you might miss when travelling by car. 

Gain Flexibility and Freedom

When you travel by bike, you have the flexibility to go where and when you want without being tied down by public transportation schedules or the limitations of a car. You can explore at your own pace. Stop at a roadside stand or pause at an isolated overlook to enjoy the view or change your route on a whim. Going by bike gives you the freedom to create your own adventure on the fly.

Take Part in a Healthy Activity

Travelling is often very sedentary. Cycling is an opportunity to stay active and incorporate physical activity into your travel itinerary. Riding a bike is a fun way to improve fitness, burn calories, and keep energy levels up while on the road.

Avoid the Woes of Traffic and Parking

We can all relate to the frustrations experienced traveling by car: traffic jams, congestion, and searching for illusive parking spots. Renting a bike allows you to avoid all of that. Navigate through crowded streets and park (& lock) your bike anywhere. Save time and hassle, decreasing your stress and increasing your happiness, when you go by bike.

Reduce Stress & Increase Relaxation

Whether you are travelling for work or for fun, cycling is proven to improve mood and promote a sense of well-being. Rolling out on two-wheels is a fantastic way to relax and unwind and can be enjoyed by everyone, big and small.

Types of Bikes in our Rental Fleet

Mountain Bikes

Phat Tire Bike Shop offers a wide variety of mountain bikes to accommodate any trail and budget. There are several options including electric & standard, full suspension & hardtail, carbon & aluminum. Choose from Trek Fuel EXe, Trek Rail, Transition Repeater PT, Trek Fuel EX 8, Transition Smuggler, and Trek Roscoe 8. Selection varies by location.

Greenway Bikes

This category includes hybrid and city bikes. Phat Tire Bike Shop has several different types of Trek Verves from which to choose including electric, standard, step-over, and step-thru. In addition, several locations also offer Trek FX and Electra Townie 7Ds. Available options vary by store.

Gravel Bikes

We have recently added gravel bikes back into our rental fleet line-up. Take a ride on a Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 AXS and start exploring the back roads.  Gravel bikes are currently only available at the Bentonville Rental Shop. If you would like to see more gravel bikes at our other locations, please let your local Phat Tire Bike Shop know.

And there's more!

Kids Bikes

Phat Tire Bike Shop has rental bikes for the kiddos too. Choose from kids' Trek Roscoe, Trek Wahoo Trail, and the Trek Precaliber 8 speed with and without suspension. We offer bikes that fit wee shredders ranging from 45" - 59". Options vary by location.

Trailers & Tag-Alongs

We have two options for the younger kiddos, Burley Bee Trailers and Trek Tag-Along Pedal Trailers. Burley Bee Trailers are light weight and easy to use. Adjustable 5-point harnesses and hammock seats provide safety and comfort for your wee riders. For the bigger kids, consider the Trek MT-201 Pedal Trailer. Compatible with any conventional bike, your child can tag-along on your rides while honing their balancing and pedaling skills. Selection varies by location.

Tailgate Pads

Transporting your rental bikes should be easy and stress free. Tailgate Pads are extremely versatile. They fit a variety of tailgates and allow transport of multiple bikes. They are easy to "set up", to load & unload, and can accommodate both standard and electric bikes. RaceFace Tailgate Pads are designed for ease of use and, most importantly, to protect both your bike and your truck with high density foam, bike spacers, hook & loop frame straps, and more.


Complimentary Clip-in SPD Pedals can be requested when a reservation is created.  You can also rent flat repair kits ($10/day) for those mid-ride emergencies and cable locks ($10/day) in the event you will be stopping and need to secure your rental bike.  For your peace of mind, we offer 3 levels of Damage Protection because mishaps do happen. Coverage can be purchased either online when reserving a bike or at the shop prior to leaving with the bike. 

Where can you rent bikes from Phat Tire Bike Shop?

Bentonville Rental Shop

204 S Main St., Bentonville AR

We opened the Bentonville Rental Shop just one block away from our iconic Bentonville store. The Bentonville Rental Shop has a wide variety of bikes available to fit every cycling whim.  Choose from mountain bikes, hybrids, city cruisers, gravel bikes, kids' bikes, electric, standard, carbon, and aluminum. You can check out availability and make reservations online at Bentonville Rentals.

Phat Tire Bike Shop

10 Riordan Road, Bella Vista AR

Our location in Bella Vista is gorgeous. 10 Riordan Road is not only the address for our bike shop & rental shop, but also the Little Sugar Lofts and Java Dudes Coffee Company. Choose from a wide variety of mountain bikes, hardtail & full suspension, standard & electric, for your adventures.  Phat Tire Bike Shop in Bella Vista is a full-service vacation spot. Check out availability and make a reservation at Bella Vista Rentals.

Phat Tire Bike Shops

Select locations in Arkansas and Oklahoma

In addition to Bentonville and Bella Vista AR, many of our other stores in Arkansas and Oklahoma have rental fleets. These fleets tend to be smaller and curated to meet the rental needs of the area. Please contact the shop for availability and to make reservations. Find rental bikes at our Fayetteville, Rogers, Siloam Springs, and Springdale stores in Arkansas. and our Tulsa South, Tulsa Midtown, and Oklahoma City stores in Oklahoma.

Did you Fall in Love? 

Falling in love with a bike is amazing!  Sometimes renting a bike is the perfect way to test drive a new bike relationship. Phat Tire Bike Shop understands and encourages the building of new bike friendships and to that end, we will apply the cost of a one-day rental towards the down payment on your new bike (up to $150).