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New Years Revolutioon


Keep your New Year’s resolutions simple by prioritizing fun and health at the same time. This is the Year of You. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Let’s get stoked to pedal into 2023 and sweat out the last year on your bike! There are so many options from which to choose.  A new e-bike will add a burst of energy to your ride.  Or upgrade with some new flashy components to add a little something extra to your current whip.  Consider picking up a computer or a cadence sensor to gather the data you need to maximize training time.  You can even create your own cycling studio with a new indoor trainer to capture every single mile any time, any day. 

Try Something New

Go further than ever before with a boost from an E-Bike. Make climbing up hills a breeze.  With lightweight, rechargeable batteries an E-Bike will power you into the New Year. Whether you take to the trails, commute to work, or just cruise for fun, nothing can top the thrill of an E-Bike.


Road & Gravel

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Add Some Bling to Your Bike

The New Year is the perfect time to consider some sweet upgrades to your trusty, two-wheeled steed. Upgrades can be as simple as new handlebars, pedals, or wheels.  If a more major overhaul is in your dreams check out a new drivetrain, brakes, or suspension.  Freshen up your whip for 2023.

Shop Electronics

Check out the latest purpose-built technology for your training.  Track where you've been and where you're going plus multiple other performance stats that will help you train more effectively.

Shop Indoor Trainers

You can set up a world class spin studio in the comfort of your own home with a trainer and a few key accessories.  Indoor trainers are inclement weather-proof, time efficient, and decrease significantly those annoying cycling interruptions like stop lights & traffic.



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Shop Kids' Bikes & Accessories

Cycling boosts confidence, enhances energy, encourages community, and provides cardiovascular exercise & muscle development in children. We have everything you need to get your child rolling out safely and happily on two-wheels in 2023.