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Happy National Bike Month!

National May Bike Month is the perfect opportunity to focus on everything that makes cycling great. Riding bikes can boost fitness level, save money on gas, and be a great way to have fun with family & friends. Let’s celebrate National Bike Month together! Phat Tire is eager to help cyclists of all experience levels to get outside and ride. Do you want to refresh your cycling wardrobe or try a new style of riding? May is the perfect month to do that! Shop on-line or in-store. The warm weather is here and we want everyone to get outside!

Cycling Apparel

Cycling Gear + Accessories

Electric Bikes

Fitness/Hybrid Bikes

Mountain Bikes

$6,249.99 - $6,749.99
$5,949.00 - $6,349.00
$5,699.99 - $6,549.99
$6,549.99 - $7,049.99
$5,799.99 - $6,299.99
$6,549.99 - $7,049.99
$3,399.00 - $4,199.00

Road Bikes