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Meet our Team

Chris Brosh and family in mountains

Chris Brosh, Owner

Growing up in Bella Vista and going to Bentonville schools, Northwest Arkansas has always been my playground. At a young age, I understood my love of the outdoors and developed many hobbies involving our beautiful rivers, lakes and mountains. While I rode bikes some as a kid, it was the inception of Slaughter Pen Trails in Bentonville that really spawned my interest in bikes and the community they created.  Over the years I have developed a love for any type of riding on bicycles.  However, I gravitate mostly to my overland bike now and love long adventures combining scenic dirt roads, forest service roads and singletracks.  My passion for working in this industry comes from seeing the evolution of physical and mental health in those that discover cycling.  At Phat Tire Bike Shop, we truly believe that "Bicycle Experiences Change Lives."

TIm Robinson and child on bike

Tim Robinson, Owner

My greatest joy from my involvement in the cycling movement is that it brings people together and creates value for the each community.  Seeing people on bikes represents freedom and quality of life.  It is pure joy in every case.  You can usually find me at the Walmart Home Office, but I also love to visit our shops, ride my bikes, and watch our wonderful community evolve.  I sincerely enjoy living and playing in Northwest Arkansas, meeting new friends and creating great memories through riding.  I look forward to many more in both Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Nickel riding a bike during a gravel race.

Nickel Potter, Director of Operations

I enjoy cycling because it makes me feel like I am flying.  To me, freedom is a bicycle.  This silent form of self powered transportation has taken me on 3 Trans-American tours, and has now landed me the best job I have ever had.  It brings me pleasure every time I get to give the gift of cycling to another.  When I am not at the shop making people's bicycle dreams come true, you can find me out in the woods on my mountain bike, on a gravel road loop, or on a fully loaded, self supported tour.  

Nate Fields working on a bike

Nate Fields, Company Mechanic

I have been working on bikes professionally since 1999.  I got my start slinging rentals in San Francisco and while on the west coast I refined my cycling skills across the board. I have been mountain biking for almost 26 years, racing both MTB and road. I raced in Belgium with the Cycling Center Team.  I also rode in the team car as team mechanic for Cycling Center as well as the Navigators' Pro Cycling Team. Upon returning stateside, I worked with Shimano Multi Service and started looking after service for Phat Tire Bike Shops.  I have been with Phat Tire for over 10 years and have seen a lot of changes.    I really enjoy working for Phat Tire serving the NWA cycling community.  You can often find me wrenching at local events so stop by and say "Hi" the next time you see the Phat Tire Tent.  If you have a minute between rides, check out my wedding video on the OZ Trails YouTube Channel.

Cory riding in a MTB race.

Cory Smith, Buyer

I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska where I met my amazing wife.  We moved to Siloam Springs 13 years ago to raise our son.  I grew up around bikes since the age of 5, and they continue to be a huge part of my life.  Bikes represent a source of freedom and it is a privilege to connect people to the sport of cycling at Phat Tire Bike Shop. 

Jeremiah on an E MTB bike

Jeremiah Rowley, NWA Regional Manager

I grew up in the Dallas area and began riding when I was in high school. I started working for Richardson Bike Mart in 1999, and have been in the business ever since. Along my cycling journey, I made stops in San Diego and New York regions.  I finally landed in NWA I love the region's emphasis on cycling and living an outdoor lifestyle. Phat Tire is a great shop.  I am excited to be here and enjoy being part of the team

Steve in cycling gear by the Trek sign in Waterloo WI

Steve Palmer, Tulsa Regional Manager

My first bike was a Trek 3900 that I picked up at Lee’s Bicycles in 2005.  I rode a lot of mountain bike trails and eventually started racing.  I collected many trophies and socks along the way.  My first year racing, I took 2nd place in the Oklahoma State Championship Cat 3.  In 2010, I went all in and started working at Lee’s Bike Shops.  I was part of the package deal when Lee’s transitioned to Phat Tire Bike Shops in 2016.  I currently ride a Top Fuel 9.8 and a Madone 5.2.  My favorite thing about my job is that I get to help people on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle with an eye on comfort and fun.  My bottom line is “Have Fun” and I get to do that every day.  I have the Best Job Ever.  

Gretchen riding Fuel EX 9.9 on a trail.

Gretchen Rogers, Marketing Coordinator

I grew up on the East Coast and have lived all over the United States.  My first real bike was a red Trek 850 Antelope that I rode around Nashville TN while attending Vanderbilt University.  A lifelong gym rat, my best friend introduced me to mountain biking at Turkey Mountain, Tulsa OK in 2017.  Before rolling out my first time, I purchased a full squish and fell in love.  The last 3 years have been amazing, pushing my limits, crashing, and rolling again.   In addition to MTB, I have grown to love the pure simplicity of road rides and plan to grab my first gravel this year.  I am incredibly fortunate to have found my dream job, working with an amazing team.  I am passionate about plugging people into a sport that I love.

Shop Managers

Seth in the woods

Seth Jacobs, Bella Vista AR

I grew up in SE Minnesota. I started riding BMX in 1988, racing for 12 yrs. I branched out and picked up mountain biking in the early 90’s racing for 9 yrs. I ride a lot of off road and I commute to work most days. I am also a member of Oz Trails Mountain Bike Patrol. Working in the cycling industry gives me the opportunity to change people’s lives with a bicycle. Bikes are multifaceted providing transportation as well as being a source of stress relief and fitness. Working for Phat Tire provides me with the resources and tools to reach my community and facilitate the continued growth of the cycling lifestyle in NWA.

Josh on a bike with a kiddo trailer.

Josh Travis, Bentonville AR

I bought my first bike, a Huffy Amazon, at 14. I rode the backroads of Owyhee County, ID drawn to the solitude and discovery of new vistas. I progressed through bikes and terrains, racing MTB and road. I hung out at the local bike shop a lot and in 2000 told the owner I could sell “a lot of bikes” for him.  I am a man of my word. In addition to mountain, road, and gravel -  I am also a fan of pro road cycling, espresso drinks, good beer, and old non-fiction books. My family and I moved to Bentonville 2 years ago for family, the vibrant cycling community and exceptional riding opportunities. My goal is to help my shop maximize its ability to serve the needs of all cyclists, new and old, and to spread the love of cycling as far as we can.

Mark standing in Phat Tire shirt

Mark Pickett, Fayetteville AR

My love affair with cycling began when I was a youngster on various trikes, bikes, and the memorable red Schwinn Bantam.  I fell deep when I discovered BMX freestyle, spending hours ripping around town learning flatland tricks.  I started pulling bikes apart and hounding the local shops with questions until they finally hired me at 14 yrs old.  I moved to Oregon in 2002 and ran my own shop for 16 years. I returned to Fayetteville AR in late 2018 where I can mountain bike, gravel ride, commute and just generally goof around with my friends and family on any bike.  I love spreading my joy for cycling to the community.

Isaac wrenching on a bike.

Isaac Tweeddale, Fort Smith AR

I started cycling seriously in 2001 after happening into my first mountain bike race. I barely beat another guy for second place and was hooked. I raced cross country mountain bikes religiously for about eight years in the Arkansas and Oklahoma series as well as some downhill racing and sprint triathlons. I now just ride for fun enjoying the outdoors.  I am grateful to be able to do what I love for a living. Stop by and see us before your next adventure!

Curtis on a bike in the shop

Curtis Gilgen, Rogers AR

Being a native from Missouri, I didn't cycle much in my small county, except for the occasional trip to the skate park in Bentonville. As I was on my way out of the Marines I started riding my fixie and eventually got into road riding and wrenching on bikes as much as I could. Since then I've become an enthusiast and love working in the bike shop environment. Now that I'm part of the Phat Tire crew I am excited to become more involved in the cycling scene of Northwest AR

Will mountain biking

Will Gamble, Siloam Springs AR

In addition to managing the beautiful Siloam Springs shop I am also a senior at John Brown University. I have ridden bikes my entire life, but it took a serious turn about 3 years ago when I started training for a bike tour across France. I completed that amazing journey in late summer of 2019 on a Salsa Jouneyman.  These days I ride both gravel and mountain bikes, but I prefer the trails. Phat Tire Bike Shops are special because people enjoy coming into our shops. I personally love working side by side with our customers, piecing together their projects and helping them make their biking dreams come true. 

Grant after a muddy ride with his bike

Grant Holcomb, Springdale AR

From frame building to cross country touring, cycling has taken me on countless adventures. My favorite adventure is sharing my love of bicycles with others which makes every day a good day in the bike shop! I believe simple things can be the most extraordinary things, and a bicycle is one of those simple extraordinary things. Whether it be a ride across town or a ride across the country, the bicycle can take you wherever you want to go. All you have to do is start pedaling!

Daniel after a muddy gravel ride

Daniel Driskill, Broken Arrow OK

I grew up in Sperry OK running cross country and track & field.  I started road biking while recovering from some injuries and that was it.  I now dabble in all types of cycling, but gravel is my favorite.  I love the solitude and scenery.  In 2020, I completed the DAMn (Day Across Minnesota) riding 240 miles of gravel in 18 hours on my Trek Checkpoint.  I love my job because it allows me to share my passion for cycling with the Broken Arrow and Tulsa community.

Jake on a BMX bike, balancing on front tire

Jake Bohrer, Tulsa Downtown OK

I grew up in NE Ohio and have been obsessed with bicycles since I learned to ride when I was 3.  I have been working at bike shops since I was 15.  I currently own 4 bikes:  an e-bike that is steadily replacing my car, a mountain, a road, and a BMX.  I do play favorites.  I ride my BMX almost every day and you can often find me riding at the Gathering Place.  I love nothing more than to connect people to the right bike in the hopes that they will love cycling as much as I do.

Brantley posing in a wind tunnel (no wind).

Brantley Stevens, Oklahoma City OK

I have worked in the bike industry all over the United States from Louisiana to Texas, California and finally Arkansas. Like a lot of people, I started riding in college for fun and fitness. I eventually got into road racing and other multisport riding.  I am taking it easier now, but I still enjoy road and mountain biking. I love working at Phat Tire because it allows me to introduce people to the fun of cycling and to improve their riding experience.