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Electric Bikes | A New Way To Ride A BikeElectric Bikes | A New Way To Ride A Bike

You’ll Love An Electric Bike

Electric bikes have special powers. E-bikes make riding bikes accessible and fun for everyone. Get that little extra boost on a long ride or a steep hill so that you can keep the good times rolling. Fun and fitness are two words that can be used in the same sentence when talking about electric bikes. Are you ready to try one out? Phat Tire has many varieties of e-bikes for you to test ride and fall in love.


Leave your car behind. Ride an electric bike. Experience a fun and, dare we say it, joyous commute. With an electric bike you will cruise into the office barely breaking a sweat. Better yet, you will save hundreds of dollars on parking and gas. Commuting by e-bike is the perfect way to start and end your workday on two wheels.


The gym is a great place for lifting weights, jumping into spin classes, and spending hours on cardio equipment. Electric bikes are the perfect excuse to get outside and mix up your fitness routine. Grab your friends and go for a ride! Have fun exploring new places while improving your fitness.


The best thing about riding bikes is the joy. The feeling of adventure, accomplishment, and wonder all rolled into one experience. Imagine the opportunities and electric provides. Explore longer, ride farther, climb higher and have the energy to do it all again tomorrow. An e-bike can take you on all the best adventures.

$7,599.99 - $8,099.99
$3,999.99 - $4,749.99