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Electric Bike Maintenance

How To Care For Your Electric Bike

Increase your fun and improve your safety by keeping your electric bike in good working order. Electric bikes aren’t much more complicated than traditional bikes when it comes to maintenance - the key difference is the battery and electronic drive components. It is critical to treat your battery with care, and to always bring your electric bike in for professional service at least once a year. Our Phat Tire team is ready to provide you with tips and advice on best practices for maintaining your bike to continue rolling on the roads and trails safely.

How To Maintain Your Electric Bike


Charge & Care For the Battery Properly

Every manufacturer provides appropriate charging equipment & specific instructions for proper and safe charging. When you disconnect your battery, clean it with a damp cloth and brush dirt off the connections with a dry brush. Charge the battery at room temperature in a dry location. Store your e-bike battery in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


Keep Tires Properly Inflated

Underfilled and overfilled tires can cause issues, especially when riding at high speeds. Find the recommended pressures on the sidewall. Proper inflation protects against pinch flats and sidewall punctures. In addition, carry a flat repair kit and know how to use it. Our team can help you put together a flat kit that works for your bike.


Check and Adjust Your Brakes

E-bikes are both heavier and faster then standard bikes and your stopping power needs to take this into account. Look for obvious issues like loose parts or excessive rotor & pad wear. Check manufacturer specs for the wear level that signals the need for replacement. Our team will be happy to check your brakes and provide recommendations.


Clean & Lube Your Chain

One of the most important parts of any bicycle is the chain. Regularly cleaning and lubing the chain is crucial! Ebike chains tend to require more frequent lubrication vs. non-assist bike chains. Also, check for wear and replace the chain regularly. A well-maintained chain improves the operation of the drivetrain and allows for efficient and smooth gear shifting.


Schedule Regular Maintenance

Bike maintenance schedules depend upon how often you ride and the your type of riding. Occasional, more leisurely riders should schedule maintenance at least once a season. More frequent riders or those who ride hard, should consider a basic tune every 3-4 months. Listen to your bike and schedule a visit if you hear noise, rattles, or squeaks that are not typical.

Schedule Service

Explore our electric bike service options. Our team of professionals will assess your e-bike’s needs and give it the refresh it deserves. Let's get you back on the trails quickly!

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