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It's New Bike Day

Take 35% off the stuff that goes on your bike and on your head!

We're stoked to hear that you are planning to buy a new bike! There's a lot of stuff that can go on your bike and your head to keep you safe, take you on adventures, or just be more utilitarian day to day.  Phat Tire Team Members are here to answer all of your questions and assist you in getting everything you need.  Check out the sections below and start dreaming of everything you want to buy for your sweet new ride.

Your Bike Should Be Comfortable

Now's the time to grab all the items that will make riding your bike fun not painful. Consider upgrading your saddle and grips or maybe a different pair of pedals and handlebars is on the list.

We’ve Got Your Head Covered

Your head and everything on and in it, is one of the most important things to protect.  We've got regular and full faced helmets, sweat absorbing headbands, and lots of sunglasses.

Trick Out Your New Ride

One of the best parts of buying a new bike is all of the stuff you can add for function and flair.  Don't forget water bottles and coordinating bottle cages for some zing.  Grab some lights to light you up and show the way.  We have computers to keep you on track.  Fenders & packs, racks & baskets, and locks will keep you secure and sorted.  There is so much Stuff! Make your bike everything you want it to be.